Meet the Team

Meet Nathan, Keren and Hadassah. They are three siblings and the co-founders of Hope Piano Music School, established in 2020. Their passion and dedication for music has driven them to teach music to individuals from all walks of life. They have a continuous drive and focus to provide an exceptional and innovative learning experience to every student. 


Our Instructors 



Meet Nathan

Nathan is a passionate music lover who has been teaching fo 10+ years. His love for the piano began at the age of 8 and from then has become a huge part of his life. Nathan holds numerous certificates from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Piano and Music Theory. He graduated from George Brown College with an Advanced Diploma in Child and Youth Care and is currently pursuing Music Therapy at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Nathan is a firm believer in the power of music and how much of a positive impact it can have on ones life. From playing at his local church to his numerous accomplishments with the Royal Conservatory of Music,  Nathan has tones of musical experience that he is able to share and use to inspire the next generation of music lovers.

Meet Keren

Keren is a lover of music with a strong passion for piano. She consistently seeks new ways to challenge herself and her students by exploring various genres of music. Keren has taught privately and in various music schools for over 7 years. She is currently the School Administrator at Hope Piano Music. Keren began playing piano at the tender age of 6 years old and over time, she has accumulated numerous certificates and credentials from the Royal Conservatory of Music. She has a Bachelors degree from Western University and is currently a Teacher Candidate at Western's Faculty of Education. In her spare time, Keren enjoys watching her favourite soccer team Chelsea FC, watching movies and making piano cover videos to her favourite songs.

Meet Hadassah

Hadassah is curently an undergraduate student at McMaster University pursuing a Bachelors degree. Hadassah started her musical journey at the young age of 4. She has taught private piano lessons for over 5 years to children, and has also been playing the piano for over 10 years, accumulating certifications from the Royal Conservatory of Music. With this diverse performance experience, Hadassah brings a well-rounded perspective to teaching piano. Hadassah loves classical and theatre music and spends her time immersing herself in these genres.

Hadassah has a gift and love for teaching. Her passion for music translates to her students in a way that inspires and motivates them to reach their full potential.